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Our school's teaching staff are educated teachers who have worked in Poland in the past and also have many years of  working experience at our school.

Our actions

We want our students to learn Polish, learn about the history, geography, traditions and customs of the country of their parents and grandparents. We also make sure that they develop writing, reading and speaking skills in Polish, and develop their literary knowledge.
Students actively participate in the life of the school, they join the organization of performances, concerts, participate in competitions organized by the school and other Polish diaspora organizations such as:
-Foundation of  On. Reymont in Canada (recitation competition),
-Foundation of  A Mickiewicza (written competition),
or the Polish Teachers' Union in Canada.
Our school not only teaches how to speak, read and write in Polish but also we learn about culture, Polish traditions, patriotism, respect for others and respect for someone's property.
The slogan that our school is guided by when organizing anniversary events is the words of Saint. John Paul II
"The school is an extended family home in which the content important for the whole nation is constantly grounded in ever new generations."
We believe that everything begins in the family - the desire to speak Polish, preservation of Polish culture and tradition. And as a school, we remember to not ony teach Polish but teach the joy of being a Pole, respect for Polish heritage, and respect for other nationalists, cultures and languages.

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