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Banner history

The school banner, which accompanies school celebrations, was funded by Polish diaspora organizations working in the cities of Kitchener - Waterloo, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish and parish organizations.
The ceremony of presenting the flagship to our school took place on May 31, 1998 in the hall of the Polish Legion.
The banner was designed and made by Małgorzata  Kajda.
At the top of  the blue page, the full name of the school is shown. The place and a year of the school's foundation is at the bottom and says Kitchener, 1894. Significant symbols are in the middle : White Eagle with a crown, the globe and national flags of Poland and Canada.

At the top of the red page there is a picture of Mother of God of Częstochowa, our school's patron, in the middle there is a book, a key and a pen -the symbols of knowledge, science and creativity.
At the bottom there is the slogan: "On guard of the Fathers of speech", they are words taken from the poem of Ludwik Anczyc.

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