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Sir Casimir Gzowski
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Year 2023/2024
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Sir Casimir Gzowski Polish School  is strive to teach Polish children their native language as well as Poland's history, geography, and traditions. In so doing, we hope to open their minds and enrich their personal knowledge of the world



Sir Casmir Gzowski Polish School was founded in 1894. It is the oldest and longest running Polish Language School in Canada.

The Polish School is one of the many language schools that are under the umbrella of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s International Languages Program, which operates in conjunction with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, and under the supervision of St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres.

The goal of the Sir Casmir Gzowski Polish School is to teach the Polish language, through the teaching of Polish traditions, and introducing its vast history and geography.  Our goal as educators is for the children to love the Polish language, for the Saturday classes to be an exciting experience, and for the knowledge they acquire to be used in many wonderful ways: travel, communication with family, peers, and their future careers.

Every child between the ages of 4-14 is eligible to enrol at Polish School. The grade they are enrolled in corresponds with their age.

Instruction time takes place between 9:00am-11:30am every Saturday morning.

Recess takes place between 10:15am-10:30am for grades 1-8.

Online registration is open throughout the school year, new students are welcome.
We welcome kids from age 4 to 14, to our polish language lessons.

Registration for the academic year 2023/2024 are only online, at the website of St. Louis Adult Education
Centre, under International Languages – Polish School Kitchener

“Educating youth, to be proud of their Polish heritage, culture, and traditions”

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